Even if you've never touched lipstick in your life, you can master your makeup in 40 minutes.

In a personalized live video coaching session, I'll build a makeup routine that works for you, recommend the perfect products, and teach the application techniques in a way that makes sense. PLUS, you'll get ongoing support from me as you buy and use makeup on your own. 

Makeup is intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner. What if you had someone who could help? Who listened? Who could explain makeup in a way that’s customized for you—what you love, what you hate, what you need? That’s what beauty coaching is.

What do you get in a coaching session with me?

  • I listen to you. I want to know what you need help with, what your life is like, and what your dream face of makeup looks like.
  • I recommend the perfect products and tools. I’ll research lipsticks, powders and more to locate what works for your face, your budget, and your life. I’m completely brand-independent, and I never recommend a product I don’t believe in or haven’t tested myself. I’ll provide a written list of these products with links so you can check them out without getting lost.
  • ​I teach you how to use those products and tools. I will demonstrate application techniques with the exact things I recommend, explaining every step in a way that makes sense and isn’t intimidating. 
  • I provide ongoing support. For two weeks after your consultation, I’ll make myself available to you. At the makeup store and have a question? Text me! Stuck on how to use a product? Tell me what’s going on. Want to show off your new skills? Send me a picture.

What are people saying?

I’ve been through a number of in-person makeup tutorials at Sephora and Ulta, and I’ve struggled through the land of YouTube demo videos. This was a different experience. Julie combines the energy and artistry you’d expect from a YouTube star with the carefully collected research and scientific understanding of a professor, and the body-positive, supportive encouragement of a meditation guide...I came away from the session not only knowing how to make my lips look great, but with a better understanding of how the products I use work, what brushes to use with my products, and new thoughts about my relationship with makeup.

Emi S.
Wisconsin, USA

If you know me, you know that I like makeup and fashion, but I'm not always the most confident –and I mostly missed makeup day at Girl School. In one session, Julie gave me some amazing tips to help me create an everyday look that actually works for me, and helped me to figure out how to feel confident and beautiful–even if I don't always get it right the first time–by totally normalizing the learning process. If makeup scares you, or if you just want some support in feeling more confident with makeup, BOOK A SESSION WITH HER. Seriously, you won't regret it.

Jessica L. 
Ontario, CA


If you went to a boutique makeup store (like Sephora or Ulta), a department store counter, or even the drugstore, you might get a 10-minute “free makeover.” You could scour the web, searching for a useful tutorial among the tens of thousands of YouTube makeup videos and countless beauty blogs.

But could you recreate that makeover at home, before work, when you're rushed--and do you even like what the salesperson did to your face? And how many hours will it take to find a helpful, relatable voice among the teenage YouTube gurus and social media rich kids? 

Real talk: in-store makeovers aren’t about listening to your needs or even teaching you skills—they’re about selling you as many products as possible. And YouTube is one-way; you can’t get immediate answers that work for your life. How long have you looked at polished, professional faces and wished you could have one yourself? Aren't you tired of all of this frustration, confusion, and makeup mediocrity? How much is your self-confidence worth?

Beauty coaching is different. I'm different. Here's why.

  • I’m first and foremost a teacher. I’ve taught in college settings for almost 15 years, and I specialize in one-on-one mentoring and advising. 
  • I’m a PhD-trained critical researcher and communicator. I listen, I research, I test, and I compare--all before I buy anything or teach anything to anyone else. Using these skills, I can tell you which products and techniques are right for you—and why.
  • While I’m immersed in the beauty industry, I’m not an out-of-touch Insta-guru. I’m in my late 30s, I live in a small town in a flyover state, and I work a demanding full-time job in a conservative environment. I’m tuned in to the concerns of people who need their makeup to work for real life—not just social media.

Your self-confidence is my goal. You never need to love makeup, but you should love how you look--and you will. Every coaching session with me comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied in any way.

Book now and realize your better self.

Julie Alexander, founder and coach at Do More With Makeup, is an educator, writer, and lifelong makeup artist and hobbyist. She founded the lipstick review blog 500 Days of Lipstick and moderates the popular Facebook beauty advice group Professor Plum’s Academic Beauty Club (now known as The Lounge @ Do More With Makeup). She teaches business communication full time and lives in small-town Indiana, where she built a coaching studio in her historic home.

Julie Alexander photo